Research Assistant

NOW HIRING. I am super excited to be looking for one or two research assistants to help on at least one of five projects. If we haven't met yet, please check out my about page.

Project One: Policy Advocacy

I want to inform debates surrounding civil and criminal justice issues. Possible areas of advocacy may include police reform, low-income housing issues, and immigration.

How you can help:

  • Collecting data and crafting materials to inform elected officials (and advocacy groups we align with).

  • Meeting with elected leaders and their staff to present findings and solutions.

  • Testifying (likely virtually) before the Texas Legislature or city council meetings on your own behalf.

Project Two: Free Coaching

I want to coach debate and writing for free in underprivileged communities. Especially now, when schools may be online and even less likely to deliver a quality education, I want to help people who might not have the same resources they did a year ago. I don’t know how to reach those communities, however, and don’t have the mental energy to sort through the logistics.

How you can help:

  • Finding community groups (like homeschool groups and churches) who might be able to refer me to students.

  • Writing emails on my behalf so I can make contact with these groups.

Project Three: Telling the Stories of the Elderly

I want to tell the stories of ordinary elderly folks, Humans of New York-style. Our elders have decades of awesome stories and experiences which will disappear unless we try to preserve them. I know world-class writers and editors, but I need to figure out how to connect those people to stories in a post-COVID world.

How you can help:

  • Reaching out to assisted living facilities, veterans’ organizations, and other groups who might be interested.

  • Organizing and coordinating times to connect writers and storytellers

  • (perk of working with me) Writing stories yourself! Sharpen your writing skills by submitting your own work to be edited by our writing professionals after we spin things up.

Project Four: the Law and News Behind the Headlines

There's a world of new homeschoolers. The existing model of "let's get some textbooks and have the kids read them" misses out on what homeschooling could be: learning by being involved in the world. I want to start a 20 minute Zoom lecture series on the news behind the headlines: how is the President able to ban TikTok? What are constitutional restrictions on police use of force? What is GPT-3 and why does it matter? I'd like to bring on some professors and major thinkers when we get this spun up. Having these direct interactions with leading thinkers will matter for students in the long run.

How you can help:

  • Preparing PowerPoint presentations and suggesting topics.

  • Researching and answering some of these pressing questions.

  • Identifying targets for outreach and marketing of these talks.

Project Five: NCFCA/Stoa Apologetics Resource Library

For such a complex and important field, there are precious few publicly available resources for students competing in apologetics. What resources exist are usually non-specific to the speech event or are drafted by folks whose specialty is not theology or logic. My vision is to create a website with brief overviews and links to respected, reputable academic and theological resources for students.

How you can help:

  • Creating pages on Google Sites.

  • Drafting and editing brief summaries of academic and theological material.

  • Working to identify grad students and professors interested in contributing to the project.

Who I am looking for?

  • Someone who cares deeply about justice and believes James 1:27 and Mark 12:31 to be true.

  • Curiosity and a willingness to change your mind when facing contrary data.

  • An internal energy and drive to write and research.

  • Someone between their junior year of high school and junior year of college.

Why work with me?

  • To go from consuming (school) to creating and building something bigger than yourself (work).

  • To learn about law and policy.

  • Weekly mentorship time to help you achieve your goals.

Tell me more!

  • You’ll be paid $12 per hour as an independent contractor.

  • I’m only looking for 5-8 hours per week from each person. That could change if one of the projects takes off, but I cannot promise that.

  • I’m flexible about when you do work.

  • Looking for availability in the 2020 fall semester, with possibility of extending into spring 2021.

Click here to apply. Target time to complete the application is 40 minutes, which includes a 20 minute research challenge. I’ll send you a response either way once I’ve made a selection. Thanks!